About Latin America Assistance

LAA is owned and run by former working colleagues that have over 15 years of experience together within the local assistance and travel insurance industry and during these years have worked successfully with many of the most renowned alarm centers and insurance companies.

Along with the profound working experience on claim and assistance management, the academic background and solid multilingual and multicultural working and studying experience enhance the necessary tools to deliver a high quality service to the customers.

The LAA staff’s academic background includes tourism, sociology, anthropology and human geography and have working and additional studying experiences from several countries in Scandinavia, Europe, North- and South America.
Through the combination of experience, background, local knowledge and multicultural and language skills, LAA represents a primary company profile which can offer both traditional assistance services and also more differentiated and tailor-made services and solutions that are rare and even unique on the market.

Vision & Goals

LAA’s goal is to establish a solid cooperation with the world’s main alarm centers and insurance companies, however with a focus on the northern European countries.


With a focus on quality rather than quantity LAA always try to seek the customers’ trust and confidence through the daily dedicated and competent performed services.
The main values represented by the company is the dedication and motivation when offering the services to the client and at the same time always trying to maintain a simplicity, transparence and honesty in the communication with the customers and the collaborators.

However, in the end, what is most important and the main ingredient to LAA’s success, is the staff’s dedication and passion for the work they perform and for the dynamic international assistance business itself.

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