Our Services

LAA offers a great range of services that vary from simple medical case coordination to more complex cases like investigations, transportation arrangements, negotiations with suppliers and cost containment.

After many years of experience working within the assistance business, Latin America Assistance has an established professional and interpersonal relation with some of the region’s best and most renowned hospitals, doctors, travel agencies, etc.

LAA can rely on high quality and highly professional partners in any of the occasions where LAA offers its’ services.

Due to the specific company profile, LAA can offer both traditional assistance services and at the same time more differentiated and tailor-made services and solutions.

See here a draft of some of the main services provided:

Travel assistance

  • Booking services of hotel, taxi, flight, car rental, etc.

Medical case services

  • Upon emergencies provide name, location and contact details of medical facilities.
  • Arrangements and coordination of medical appointments.
  • GOP arrangements
  • Planned hospitalization including comparison of different providers’ prizes and quality.
  • Ground ambulance arrangements.

Cost containment

  • Negotiations of medical bills.

Medical Audit

  • Analysis of costs and performed treatments in medical cases.

Repatriations and Evacuation

  • Air ambulance or ordinary flight arrangements.

"Cash on the spot" services

  • In urgent situations assistance with money through local contacts or agents (i.e. loss of baggage, robbery, assault, etc.).

Coordination of death cases

  • Handling of documents from hospital, police, undertaker, embassy, etc.
  • Transport arrangements, repatriation of remains, etc.

Translation of documents

  • Medical or independent document translations.


  • Insurance fraud investigations.

Performed services and feedback

See here some of LAA’s latest performed services with the comments and feedback from customers and suppliers.

After arranging doctor’s visit at hotel in Copacabana - Rio de Janeiro:

"Dear LAA,
That is excellent, great job! Thank you so much again, we are waiting for your next update with the medical information tomorrow."

Air Ambulance flight arrangements in southern Brazil:

"Dear LAA,
It has been a real pleasure to work with you, thank you :-) and we look forward to the future collaboration between our companies. Please also pass our gratitude to your service provider in this case, their flexible cooperation was crucial. Then again, it would not have been possible without your involvement."

Ground ambulance arrangments, patient transfer, in Lima, Peru:

"Dear LAA,
Thank you very much for your efficient assistance. We are happy to work with you guys."

From one of LAA’s recently contracted service providers in Mexico after receiving a request for medical assistance in Cancun:

"Les agradezco el que me tomen en cuenta para su empresa, por supuesto cuenten conmigo, en el anexo les mando la información requerida, espero cumpla con sus expectativas y podamos trabajar desde hoy mismo.
Estoy en espera de su aceptación.

animated banner with some photos of LAA's performed services and feedback from customers