Welcome to LAA - Latin America Assistance

Latin America Assistance (LAA) is a company specialized in performing local assistance services in South and Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean region.
Our main office is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The services LAA offers mainly involve medical and emergency assistances to tourists and corporate travelers (coordinating medical visits, hospitalization, repatriation, robbery & assault support, etc.).
LAA’s basic function is to assist alarm-centers, insurance companies and the insured in difficult situations that might occur during the travel or stay abroad, LAA being the experienced local helping hand and support.

We know that any competitive alarm-center or insurance company of today they all present high performance levels and constantly seek to improve the quality of the products and services offered to their customers.

LAA operates successfully in the region as a local reliable partner, helping the customers to maintain their service levels, always assuring a high quality service and at the same time enables the customer to be in control of the expenses and procedures involved in any of their claims.
In addition to the specific services offered, LAA solves and deals with general matters such as:

  •  Communication problems due to language and cultural barriers (differences).
  •  Exaggerated price levels (for foreigners) and control of case expenses.
  •  Lack of local reliable partners, representatives and local advisers.

Latin America Assistance always puts itself in the position to attend and assist their clients the best possible way to bring tranquility, simplicity and confidence to whom might be depending on LAA’s services. Hence our slogan: ….simply assisting you…!

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